What is Colic?

The benchmark sign of infant colic is crying. Of course all babies cry but this is a constant, unrelenting crying. It can begin at birth but typically peaks between 3 and 6 weeks of age. Colic will often mean sleepless nights, frustration, and a feeling of helplessness in parents. Seeing your child in constant discomfort is hard for any parent to deal with and the irritaibility and exhaustion of parents dealing with colic is completely understandable!

Symptoms of colic

  • Excessive crying that may begin at the same time of day each day
  • Tensed abs and legs (from excessive crying)
  • Colic usually begins when the baby is several weeks old and generally lasts several months
  • The infant is usually healthy otherwise
  • The baby may pull its legs up to its chest, tighten its abdominal muscles, and/or clench its fists; the infant’s face may be contorted or red

If you’ve searched for relief from colic, you may have found suggestions of medication, dietary changes, or just to ‘wait out this phase’ but did you know that there is a natural treatment option available to you? There is!

Imagine an answer that doesn’t involve medications and you having more sleepless nights until this ‘phase’ is over?

Believe it or not, chiropractic has been shown to positively impact colic in infants and we can confirm that its true from the countless cases we have seen from our infant patients. We might be able to help you too!

What causes colic?

Colic usually begins at around three weeks of age and can last about three months – but sometimes longer. Unfortunately, there’s still no known, definitive cause for colic which can make treatment difficult.

There is some research that indicates that colic may be linked to trauma at birth that leads to spinal subluxations, while other research indicates that formula containing cow’s milk might be the cause. Medical professionals used to believe that colic was the result of a faulty digestive system that caused pain. As such, the most commonly recommended treatments for colic are dietary changes, medication, and treatment from a pediatric chiropractor.

Of course, any treatment that involves medication will come with inherent risks to the short and long-term health of your child. So we always recommend exploring all natural options first and we think Chiropractic is at the top of the list for colic!

How can chiropractic help?

Research studies show that up to 94% of infantile colic resolves quickly with Chiropractic care.

Why it works:

  • Chiropractors are trained to identify and remove your child’s spinal subluxations; a safe, gentle, and effective strategy to reduce symptoms of infantile colic
  • Correcting spinal dysfunction reduces irritation to your child’s nervous system, allowing for resolution of colic symptoms in an otherwise healthy infant
  • Your chiropractor can also provide you with advice on nutrition, supplementation, and infant ergonomics to support your child’s growing body
  • Chiropractors address the underlying cause of your baby’s colic; they don’t just treat symptoms.
  • Today’s chiropractic adjustments are safe and natural, even for infants!

It’s important to note that chiropractic is not a cure for colic. In reality, your child’s body does all of the healing. Chiropractic, as a wellness approach, helps to ensure proper function of your child’s spine and nervous system

If you come to visit our Jacksonville office, Dr. Lauren will determine whether your baby is a good candidate for chiropractic care she conducts a thorough examination. Then, she will share the results of this examination with you and recommend a plan of action designed ultimately to resolve your infant’s colic.

What to expect from an infant Chiropractic adjustment

One of the biggest concerns of new parents who bring their infants to us is whether or not a chiropractic adjustment is safe for their child. Not only is it safe, but also gentle! Watch for yourself!