Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

  • of woman had relief of pain 75%
  • had shorter labor times during their first pregnancy 25%
  • had shorter labor times for multiple pregnancy’s 31%
  • resolution of breech positioning 82%

At Revolution Chiropractic, we believe that neurologically-based chiropractic care is a necessity for pregnant woman to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic adjustment exclusively for pregnant women. This adjustment promotes proper alignment and function of the hips, spine, muscles, and ligaments. After a Webster Adjustment many women under Dr. Lauren’s care have decreased back pain, breech or posterior positions are resolved and baby turns in the correct direction, and natural labor can start without an induction. The Webster adjustment has been shown to allow the birth process to be easier on mom and her baby. Chiropractic care received before, during, and after pregnancy can reduce uncomfortable pains associated with labor, time of contractions, delivery times, and mothers who have received chiropractic care have said the birth was much less traumatic. Dr. Lauren has performed the Webster adjustment on many, many patients with great success! She has also been trained as a Birth Doula to better help her pregnant patients with optimal breathing techniques and birthing positions.

Nerves and blood-vessels in the low-back region regulate reproductive organs and supply nutrients to the fetus. If you feel as though you have exhausted all of your fertility options, chiropractic care may be the affordable and natural solution that you are searching for. When your spine is in alignment, your body will be free of nerve interference and this allows optimal function pre-conception and reduces chances of infertility.


How much will it cost?

Every person and case is different, it is difficult to be sure how much it will cost before the doctor has had a chance to evaluate you and determine what care, if any, you will need. But we do offer you a  consultation, so the doctor can determine the specifics of your case and estimate the costs before you incur any charges.

Do you take insurance?

We even offer a complimentary insurance benefits check when you come in for your  consultation, so you’ll know exactly what your insurance covers before you incur any charges. Many patients find that our self pay options are even cheaper than their insurance co-pay because of the federal discount program we are part of.

I have X-rays/MRI, should I bring them with me?


Does chiropractic treatment require a referral from an MD?

No referral needed unless you have an HMO. But thats only if you if you go through insurance and our federal discount programs allow you to skip insurance.

Is chiropractic safe during Pregnancy?

I get asked this question A LOT! Sometimes it’s from pregnant women, it’s from tons of first time expecting dads, and I can’t count how many times by OBGYNs!  I LOVE when I get asked this because it gives me an opportunity to educate my community on how not only is Chiropractic safe, but AMAZING during pregnancy.

What Method is used?

The Webster Method






We believe that neurologically-based chiropractic care is a necessity for pregnant woman to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Babies and Children

A child’s spine will generally respond much faster than an adult’s spine to chiropractic adjustment.



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