I sought out chiropractic care when I was 37 weeks pregnant, and was told my baby was presenting in a posterior position. I had a complicated pregnancy and was scheduled for an induction. I was a bit skeptical of chiropractic, but wanted to do everything I could to make the delivery as easy as possible on my baby. Dr. Lauren was so kind and accommodating and saw me right away when I told her my situation. She used the Webster method and I felt the baby turn on my drive home. I went into labor spontaneously 2 days later and had a 6 hour labor! Dr. Lauren is also great about following up, but not doing unnecessary treatment, as I’ve experienced with previous chiropractors. She also treated my 1 yr old who had chronic sinus problems, and hasn’t had a runny nose since! Dr. Lauren has definitely made me a believer

Alecia P

When I brought my special needs daughter in, Dr. Lauren was patient and considerate of her needs. She also encouraged me to get treated as well. I had some strange “ailments” but she was diligent in finding a way to alleviate my aches. She individualizes your treatment because no two patients are the same and I for sure was a unique one.

Angie H

Dr. Lauren is WONDERFUL! I had never been to a chiropractor prior to my pregnancy.  It was absolutely amazing how effective yet gentle she was.  I would leave her feeling completely refreshed.  She relieved my hip pain I was experiencing from having to sleep solely on my side and got me perfectly realigned from head to toe which alleviated a lot of general pressure from pregnancy.   When my due date came and went she did the Webster Technique on me and sure enough my water broke within 48 hours and just in time- 2 days before my scheduled induction.  Not only is she talented she is sweet as can be!  She shared with me lots of tips, tricks and stretches that helped me out during pregnancy and as I prepared for labor.  Needless to say I would highly recommend her to anyone but especially to pregnant women!

Melissa V

We were having some serious sleep issues when I contacted Dr. Lauren. After one adjustment, my 9 month old napped way better then then he had in two month. He also cleared an ear infection we had been fighting for two months. She was great with the baby and also kept my 3 year old entertained through the appointment. I can’t wait to get baby sleeping through the night!

Amanda R

Dr. Cost completely eliminated hip and leg pain I have had from an injury 14 years ago. She’s the best. I live in Port Orange and would make the drive for her adjustments.

Brandy G

I had a great experience! Dr. Lauren takes her time to ask questions and assess the whole situation before hand. Having an old whiplash injury my neck always gives me issues. Not anymore! Going to bring my son next appointment!

Deanna H

I was having terrible allergies every morning and my knees were in shambles from years of baseball and football. I had near constant sinus headaches to make everything even more happy.  Dr. Cost has significantly reduced the severity of my allergy attacks and has eliminated my sinus headaches.  My knees are in great shape again and I no longer have knee pain. She herself is knowledgeable, professional and quite personable.  She takes the time to listen and make sure you are treated to the best of her ability.  Having never been a firm believer in chiropractors I must say that the results speak for themselves. Dr. Lauren Cost is incredible and someone who I am forever grateful for!

Joe P

Dr Cost has done an excellent job adjusting my back and eliminating my pain in the past few months caused from a disc condition called spondylolisthesis I suffer from. She is caring, precise, and listens to her patients. I couldn’t give a better recommendation then Dr Cost!

Mike L

I love Dr. Lauren! I just had my 3 week old girl adjusted (for the 2nd time) because acid reflux symptoms began to set in (spitting up more, crying while nursing, and general discomfort). After 1 adjustment, during which she found Lucy was misaligned on one side of her neck, she’s back to my easy-going baby! I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I met Dr. Lauren and had my first adjustments while pregnant with my girl and her twin brother. I then had them both adjusted when they came home from the hospital. Both began sleeping better and her nursing latch improved! She’s easy to work with and great with babies! It can be scary to let someone “work” on your tiny one, but Dr. Lauren put me at ease. She showed me first the kind of gentle pressure she would use, so i knew it wouldn’t hurt. Chiropractic care has only done good things for my family. I know we will be calling on her expertise for a long time to come. Thank you, Dr. Lauren!!


Dr. Cost helped eased all the physical pressure on my body during the 3rd trimester. I had a very quick and relatively easy delivery. I think the number one difference between this delivery and my first delivery (no chiropractic care) was my recovery time afterwards. My body felt as though I could go for a run right after!  Big difference from my first child! Thank you, Dr. Cost!

Allison N

My son was 5 weeks old he started having bad reflux, to the point it was affecting him eating. I didn’t want to put him on medicine at such a young age, because I worried about the long term effects it would have on his body. When I talked to Dr. Cost about Brayden’s problems and expressed my concerns, she was able to provide me with so much information and studies that supported the practice and showed how safe/effective it was. When I first brought Brayden to see Dr. Cost I was a nervous wreck, but he just laid there and played, as well as watch Micky Mouse Clubhouse; not bothered at all by the minimal pressure that was being applied! After just 1 adjustment Brayden’s congestion and reflux had cleared up much to my disbelief! I use to think chiropractic was placebo to make people think they were getting better, but after seeing how amazing Dr. Cost is and how my sons reflux and congestion cleared up in a matter of a day… I am a true believer and will recommend chiropractic adjustments/tune ups over medicine any day of the week! Thank you Dr. Cost!!!

Haley K

I had always wanted to try chiropractic care but was always so nervous about starting and wanted to go to someone I trusted. I was so excited to see Dr. Lauren offering care in the Jacksonville area as we went to college together and I was more than confident in her abilities. In my third trimester of pregnancy I was having horrible back pain, not helped by my 12+ hour shifts at the hospital. I reached out to Dr. Lauren and she was able to get me in the next day and thank goodness for that. I was absolutely miserable and nothing would help the pain but she was able to adjust me and the pain was gone! I was in absolute shock and was so upset that I had been dealing with the pain for weeks when I didn’t have to! I never would have imagined the pain being eliminated, let alone in one visit. I wish someone would have been able to tell me about chiropractic care and the difference it can make in your health and well being during pregnancy and otherwise. As a nurse, I know the value of multidisciplinary care but am also aware that you have to be careful with who you allow to “work” on your body. I can honestly recommend Dr Lauren wholeheartedly and without reservation and have already recommended for my other friends, especially those going through pregnancy currently, to visit her for any difficulties that arise. Dr. Lauren is an absolute sweetheart with passion for what she does and you will not be disappointed with her care.

Lexi P


I have been taking my 5 month old son to Dr. Cost for adjustments ever since he was 2 months old. He was gassy and colicky and never slept well. He always slept very tense and just tended to be very fussy. After the first adjustment he instantly relaxed and took a 3 hour nap. He continues to sleep much better and is a very happy and relaxed baby! Dr. Cost has always been amazing with him. She always explains exactly what she is doing while she is adjusting him. I will never go to any other chiropractor again!

Courtney S

I work for the fire department and injured my back a few years ago on the job. Since then, the slightest thing (such as picking up a pair of socks off the floor) could render me incapacitated should my back be in a bad mood that day. Last year, this exact thing happens and I went straight to Dr. Cost. She really did work wonders on my back. Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her profession. Dr. Cost is also one of the most caring and genuine people to work with. She truly cares about you and your health and it shows. Great stuff. Thank you, Dr. Lauren!

Stephen L

I saw Dr. Cost during my pregnancy and felt very comfortable with all the work she has done on me. My now three week old baby had been having reflux and has not been willing to lay flat on her back; she only sleeps in a swing. Even though I did not know if adjustments would help my baby, I was willing to see what it would do. Dr. Cost adjusted her once and the same day my baby SLEPT flat on her back in the bassinet. She did this for three naps; that can’t be a coincidence! And what I definitely did not expect was for her fussiness after her 3am feeding to disappear! Now, it has only been one night but I am impressed and absolutely recommend her services!

Maartje H

Just wanted to thank Dr. Lauren for the first class chiropractic care.  She even took time out her weekend to see me.  I had been over doing it; Golf, Paddle Boarding, Fishing Tournament and just carrying on with the kids. I was pretty locked up. After one visit I was 90 percent better.  Back to my old self again.  Thank you Dr. Lauren!

John R

For the last 4 months, after talking with some friends and getting the approval from my doctor, I have been seeking Chiropractic care for some pain that I had been having in my hips and tailbone. For all of you pregnant mamas DO THIS! The difference in my pain level is incredible! Dr. Lauren you have become a hero and without all of the swift twisting movements that honestly were making me super anxious about starting this kind of treatment. It has been an amazing experience. After an adjustment I have more energy, I have no headaches (Andrew has given me plenty of them already ), and best of all I CAN SIT without feeling like I’m going to cry. I had seriously contemplated getting a donut pillow for my office.  I have to say though, my favorite part of the adjustments is this amazing pillow that my baby bump gets to lay in so that I can lay on my stomach!! As a stomach sleeper that is one difficult part of pregnancy! Thank you so so much Dr. Lauren! I am loving that I can do things to make this the healthiest pregnancy possible! After I decided to start treatment I did some extra research and found several studies that suggest that chiropractic care can help reduce labor time and pain! Sign me for that!

Kim H